Elegant Tomboy Teenage Ideas For Fall Winter39
Elegant Tomboy Teenage Ideas For Fall Winter39

47 Elegant Tomboy Teenage Ideas For Fall Winter

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While many parents think that little girls are naturally born with a desire to wear all things pretty, pink and frilly, this really isn’t the case. There are thousands of parents out there with little girls who prefer to wear jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes. Why? Because they enjoy running and playing outside, digging in the dirt, climbing trees, making mud pies and a lot of other activities that most little boys enjoy. These little girls are often little sisters with older brothers or little girls who live in the country, however, there are many “tomboys” who also live in cities. So, if you’ve got a little tomboy, it’s not the end of the world. In fact, the majority of the time it’s a blessing because you don’t have to go through the drama of picking out the “perfect” shirt. However, when it’s time to go to a formal event where a dress is required, it can be like pulling teeth to get your little one to wear a dress. Below are a few tips for making this process easier.

1. Make It Fun. First, you have to make dressing up seem like fun for your little girl if you want her to enjoy it. To do this, don’t wait until the day of the event. Instead, have a few “dress up” days…you can even make these play dates with a few of her friends. On these days, pull out some formal dresses, let her dress up and help her make her hair pretty and maybe even experiment with makeup.

2. Go Out. The thing with tomboys is that they really don’t care much about dressing up at home because it seems to be “a waste of time.” After all, there are trees waiting to be climbed outside! So, when you have the occasional dress up day, take her out for ice cream after she is all dressed up. Or maybe take her downtown for a carriage ride or something fun!

3. Let Her Choose the Dress. Finally, when you’re preparing for a special event that’s coming up, don’t go and pick the dress out for your little one. Even though she is a tomboy at heart, she still has an opinion on the clothes she wears. Therefore, let her pick out the dress she wants to wear. When she’s happy with the dress, it’ll be much easier to get her to wear it.

4. Skip the Bows. If your little girl is a true tomboy, then she probably is happier in a ponytail then she is wearing a big frilly bow. Therefore, compromise with her and settle for lightly curling her hair and skipping the bow. There are even ways to make ponytails look cute with dresses, so experiment with this look!

5. Bring a Change of Clothes. If you are going to an event like a wedding or church followed by a family reunion, then consider striking a “deal” with your non-compliant tomboy. If she will wear a flower girl dress for the “main event” (the wedding or church) then you will let her change into more comfortable clothes for the latter part of the day (reception or family reunion). Often times, when presented with an option like this, little tomboys will agree because they know they don’t have to be in the clothes all day.