Cute Kids Summer Fashion Ideas36
Cute Kids Summer Fashion Ideas36

48 Cute Kids Summer Fashion Ideas

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Major providers of toys, safety products, and children’s clothing must always stay closely attuned to the needs of the market. The boom in children’s apparel is a relatively new phenomena that is likely to change many times before settling into a mainstream norm, so retailers have their work cut out for them in keeping up with all of the new innovations in design and display. This is especially true for those trying to compete in the children’s clothing market.

In the year to come, it is expected that kid’s wear will continue to follow the adult fashion industry in design, especially for the growing “tween” demographic. Hip hugger jeans and cute spaghetti strap tops will continue to invade the market while ruffles and lace will remain common for the younger kid, spring and summer apparel. For the infant category, bib tops and raglan sleeves will continue in popularity. Baby girl’s apparel will still be decorated with lace and broderie with floral or butterfly patterns and boys will sport the nautical style stripes of red, white, and blue.

Jackets and coats are always essential to the kid’s retail department. Boys are going for biker and bomber jackets made from cotton, leather, or jersey knit. Girls will be scene in the popular pea coat design, but instead of that scratchy wool, they will be made from soft, thick woven cotton. For the bottoms, all jeans and pants are still going to be made from soft denims or cottons while showing off a new rugged/fashionable look, much like their parent’s jeans.

Though children’s clothes are increasingly becoming more fashionable, the emphasis on comfort will never leave the industry. Light and airy fabrics will always be used to keep kids cool on the playground and around the house on hot days. Safety is always number one in the children’s clothing world.

The standard for displaying all of the coming children’s retail trends is very high. The appropriate childrens clothing hangers must be used in order to compete with the new kid’s retail giants. Proper displays are simply expected, and as children’s clothing becomes more important to parents everywhere, their desire to properly hang their children’s clothes in their own homes will grow. Parents are spending more on their kid’s clothes these days than they are on their own, so display and hanging fixtures need to be held to the same standard.

Regularly reading children’s fashion publications and considering the competition should be a part of every kid retailer’s job. There is an amazing amount of profit to be made in this industry if you continue to do research. Staying up on these trends will always pay off.