Amazing Veil Hair Accessories Ideas36
Amazing Veil Hair Accessories Ideas36

46 Amazing Veil Hair Accessories Ideas

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Most brides feel that a wedding dress needs a little something special to set it off. A beautiful hair style is sometimes enough, but the addition of a veil or something sparkly like a tiara can turn you from someone wearing a posh frock into a bride. There are so many options of headwear to choose from. Maybe you want a veil, tiara or fascinator, or something a little bit different like some sparkly gems studding your hairstyle, some ribbon threading through your hair, or some real flowers that match your bouquet.

Veils are a traditional choice, thought to symbolise innocence and purity. Often just worn pinned to the back of the hair rather than forward over the face, a veil can be short, just reaching the chin, right down to a cathedral length veil that trails along the floor. Veils can be teamed with tiaras, flowers and even brooches pinned to your hair. Take care to ensure that your veil suits the style of your wedding dress – though many modern brides still wear veils, they tend to go better with more traditional styles of gown.

A tiara can really make you feel like a princess. Usually studded with gems (generally fake ones), they can be as simple or as ornate as you want. They will usually be incorporated into your hair style, although some alice band style tiaras will look beautiful in short hair.

Fascinators are headpieces usually attached to hairpins that can be added to your hair do to add detailing and glamour to your look. Fascinators can be as minimal or as extravagant as you dare. Designs featuring feathers, flowers, ribbons, sparkling stones, and even small net-like veils, are all common. Perhaps you could add your little something blue into your fascinator!

If you want something simpler and more personal, anything goes. A simple chignon with a ribbon wrapped around it makes for a very elegant wedding look, but anything you can thread into your hair, or pin into it can be used. A necklace, pearls, real or silk flowers, or simply a decorative clip.

Be guided by the style and colour of your wedding dress and choice of flowers. Accessories are a great opportunity to add in a bit of your own personality to your wedding outfit, so have fun.

Whatever you choose, you will need to let your hairdresser know so they can make sure it will work with the hair style you want. In fact, they may have a few ideas you haven’t thought of! And don’t forget to bring your accessories along to dress fittings to ensure they look right with your wedding dress.