Boho Hats To Rock Your Day20
Boho Hats To Rock Your Day20

35 Boho Hats To Rock Your Day

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When you clean a house, you’re supposed to start at the top and work your way down. So, I’m thinking about hats when it comes to Boho clothing. First of all, if you do any shopping in places where style is on the forefront, you will find hats are all the rage. Every cool store you walk into has a decent selection of hats nowadays. You will even find entire stores dedicated solely to hats alone!

Yesterday, as I perused the stores in downtown San Francisco, I was paying special attention to the hats that seemed to be most popular. You’ve got your fedoras, pork pies, the newsboys, the knit hats in many different styles and the berets. That seems to be what’s hot and that is also what spells¬†Boho clothing. Finding a few great hats can launch you into the different directions you may want to take when going for the Boho look. I mean, you can go sophisticated or very casual based on what hat you begin with.

One of the hats for women that is a must have is the floppy, over-sized beret. It’s not worn to the side like berets used to be worn, but it’s instead worn flopped straight back and almost falling off the head. It’s the coolest fashion trend in hats right now-by far. It looks so down to earth and wonderful. The knit hats make an outfit look very cozy and warm. If you’re going for a more upscaled look, you might try a fedora or newsboy hat of some kind. They look especially nice with a scarf (which is the next piece of clothing I’ll cover in the “Head to Toe” articles.)

Whatever hat (or hats) you choose, just remember to consider the color, fit, texture, and pattern. Luckily, with¬†Boho clothing, there’s a broad spectrum that will work together which makes matching easier. So, have fun and build up your hat collection!

Justin L White has worked in the Boho Clothing retail market for several years. He is also fascinated by the mark on history created by the Beatniks and Hippies. Currently, he has a store specializing in Boho clothing and gifts from around the world and is looking to market online.