Cute Holiday Hairstyles Perfect New Years Party33
Cute Holiday Hairstyles Perfect New Years Party33

38 Cute Holiday Hairstyles Perfect New Years Party

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If you’re looking forward to lots of parties and celebration this festive season, you may want to have a brand new look to go with it. Here are 10 steps to finding a new hairstyle and hairdresser to make sure you look the part.

1. To begin with, you may want to assess why you want a change. Is it because you don’t like or have grown tired of your current style? Or do you just want something different for the special occasions that are coming up?

2. Is this going to be a complete transformation or just a minor makeover? You’ll need to decide whether you want a new style, just for the holidays, or if you’re considering a longer-term change.

3. Start browsing hair magazines or celebrity publications to get a few ideas. You may like Jennifer Aniston’s hair colour but Charlize Theron’s style, for instance. You may want to cut out pictures, as they’ll come in handy later on.

4. Next up, you’ll have to decide that whether you to change your salon or hairstylist. If you’ve been going to the same one for years and want a fresh perspective or you’ve moved to a new area, then you may well need a new stylist this Christmas.

5. If you have decided to change stylists, then you’ll need to make a list of all those located in your area. A great way to do this is to use an online local business directory, as it will quickly help you to identify the salons that are based locally.

6. Now you have a list, you may want to shortlist them by convenience. This may be by reading the reviews and ratings provided on the site, their convenience for where you live or work, or you could speak to friends or family to see what they think.

7. By now you should have a couple of salons in mind, so why not arrange to visit them to get a feel for what they’re all about. As well as the visual impact the salon makes, you should also arrange a consultation with a senior stylist to discuss your ideas.

8. During the consultation, you need to articulate what you have mind clearly. The magazine images you cut out may be useful at this stage. The stylist needs to build up an accurate idea of what it is you want.

They may have some useful feedback that shouldn’t be dismissed. For instance, they may feel the colour or length of the cut is wrong for your face and have alternative suggestions for you to consider.

9. Now it’s a case of taking on board what they’ve said and having a think about what you want. When you are happy, why not arrange an appointment with the stylist you feel is best equipped to give you what you want.

10. At the appointment, again make sure the stylist knows exactly what you want. If they don’t deliver what you’ve requested, let them know. They may be able to make changes and correct it for you. Either way, by the end, you should end up with a hairstyle that’s perfect for all your forthcoming festive celebrations.