Stunning Blouse For Work To Look Cool And Fashionable31
Stunning Blouse For Work To Look Cool And Fashionable31

42 Stunning Blouse For Work To Look Cool And Fashionable

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First impressions always last, that is why we always try to be really impressive in what we wear at work or anywhere else. Office wear does not have to be stuffy though; you can look professional and feel comfortable at the same time. Many workplaces are very strict about formal clothing.

Clothing with wrinkles, dirty, pictures, quotes, word is considered offensive and not accepted in business casuals. All it takes is the right combination of clothes and the attitude that goes with them.

For women, it is sometimes hard to dress formally for work as business attires are mostly manly. Sometimes to fit into the corporate world, women tend to wear manly clothes and in the end may not look good on them.

Here are some tips on how to get that good corporate look without carrying stuffy look:

Dress accordingly – if your job description involves customer interaction, you will need to look sharp and to make a good impression. Womens formal dresses need to be worn then. You can try mixing a casual blouse with a smart looking pants and putting a good jacket over the blouse.

That way you can take off the jacket after work and feel comfortable on your way home. There are women dresses that can be interchanged for casual to formal wear; this will depend on how you mix and match them.

Sometimes a good skirt that you usually wear on a Sunday outing can be worn with good shirt, but usually knee length skirts are appropriate for work place that are comfortable while sitting, miniskirts, spaghetti strap dresses are not consider appropriate at work.

Wear clothes that fit – avoid wearing anything that is too small or to loose. Slim may be in, but if you are on the round side, do not think that you will look good with something that fits so snugly. Clothes that are a size bigger will not only make you look weird but will also make you uncomfortable.

Concentrate on your assets – if you have great legs, wear skirts more often; if you have a stunning figure, tight fitting pants and a sexy blouse will do. Just keep everything modest. Skirts should not be too short and your blouses should not have too revealing necklines.

Keep your makeup simple – While at office, avoid looking overdone. Always maintain the balance between grooming and primping. Keep your makeup simple, light. Avoid extra style in your hair. Carry balanced accessories.

Shoes and footwear – Must take care that you shoes are clean and shining. Do not carry flip flop, slippers, and athletic shoes in work place. It is good and impressive to rely on walking shoes, sneakers, flats, dress heels etc.

Womens formal dresses need not be too frilly or too manly, just wear clothes that will make you feel comfortable and look smart and you are good to go. So be careful, if you fail to meet these standards this may results in unsuccessful business career and even humiliation among other employees.