Stunning Peach Summer Dress To Inspire Every Girl17
Stunning Peach Summer Dress To Inspire Every Girl17

36 Stunning Printed Dress For You This Summer

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There is no doubt that you already are aware of the amazing print craze that has swept the women’s fashion industry today. Bold and bright prints can be found within a number of different fashion pieces today but first and foremost within the women’s dress industry specifically.

Dresses for women today have come a long way and it is time we have all caught up with these amazing trends because once you dive in you won’t want to ever turn back! No matter which one of the leading dress styles you choose to utilize this summer and fall, it is the pattern that is going to catch the attention of those around you, no matter where you are.

By far, the number one dress pattern available today is what is known as bohemian. This print option fits perfectly within the safari and military trends that are constantly emerging and the colors within these prints are quite flattering colors.

It is a bit difficult to describe in detail this print but in essence it is a unique combination of circles, stripes, florals and color blocking. Although this may sound like a ridiculous amount of pattern within one print, designers like Elan International have a way of making it come together. You will find these patterns most commonly in either bright and bold colors such as teal, fuchsia and golds or more neutral colors such as olives, neutrals, blacks and tangerine.

Florals are next on the list in popularity and not in the tacky way florals used to be present in the fashion industry. Today, designers have taken the large floral prints of the past and made them smaller and more appealing in terms of color and positioning.

The essence of floral prints is small flowers and designs but this design takes up more space. So instead of having a few large, strategically placed flowers on your dress, you will have a print pattern covering the entirety of the dress and this in itself is what has turned florals into a must have.

You will find that dark colors are most commonly the background for floral patterns in order to make the print more vibrant. You may think that florals are not for you but many women are changing their mind once seeing the new take on this old classic.

Stripes and color blocking prints are at the top of the list as well. These two prints are definitely co-related and their sharp and defined pattern is what attracts attention. Color blocking is the art of mixing a number of different bold colors but allowing them to sit separately within the dress.

Generally this contains about two colors but in many cases it can go up to as many as six colors without compromising the style. In terms of stripes, fashion designers have gone further than the traditional blue and white nautical stripes and created stripes of bold and bright colors for the summer. Forget what you’ve heard about stripes being unflattering, they work for a number of different dress styles!