Stuning Mini Dress You Will Definitely Want To Keep19
Stuning Mini Dress You Will Definitely Want To Keep19

42 Stuning Mini Dress You Will Definitely Want To Keep

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Mini dresses have always been an alluring and chic clothing item. Found in a variety of styles and colours, mini dresses make for ideal clothing especially in the months of summer.

Their versatility comes from the ability to be worn either for casual and informal gatherings or more serious business affairs. Mini dresses can be teemed with various other garments, such as jackets, shawls, scarfs, tights etc. which enable the garment to achieve a different look for different occasions.

The mini dress has evolved from the tunic- the traditional garment worn by the Greek and Romans. They became most popular in the ’60’s, when Mary Quant, frustrated by the jaded teenage fashions of the time, went back to the basics and created a unique and alluring garment.

Although not immediately accepted, the style gradually caught on and was glamorised and popularised by most fashion divas and Hollywood stars of the time, most notable among them being Marilyn Monroe, the diva remembered for her famous short white dress billowing all around her in a memorable picture.

Starting out as a long gown, the hem was gradually shortened, as women became more aware of their bodies and felt the need to show off their figure as well as their well-toned legs. This was also aided by women getting into sports and working out, realising that their bodies can be flaunted aesthetically, unlike in old times where covering the body was considered proper.

Being a hot trend right through the decades, the mini dress has been able to retain its popularity even today. Women of all ages swear by its ability to enhance their self-image and style quotient.

Although comprising a single silhouette, the mini dress varies in style by a change in the cut and symmetry of the garment. They also come in various fabrics, such as cotton, lace, latex and faux leather.

Their cuts can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, layered or flowing. The design can also be varied by changes in the pattern of the neck, and so dresses may feature a cowl neck, halter, kimono style V-neck etc.

Since these dresses come in various hues and colours, they can be worn anywhere and by everyone, whether someone is slim and petite or a little heavier.

The mini dress as a garment is therefore here to stay and for different varieties of its style and design check out our store for more.