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42 Lovely Bouqet for Valentine

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If you need Valentine flowers this year, all you need to do is call a local florist to melt your sweetie’s heart. You usually can’t go wrong with flowers delivered at Valentine’s Day.

Whether the floral delivery is for a woman or a man, the vast majority of people love and appreciate flowers sent on behalf of their loved one.

Whether you decide on a dozen roses professionally arranged in a vase, a mixed bouquet in red and white assorted flowers or a novelty bouquet arranged in a keepsake love themed mug or container, flowers are traditionally the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

While the pressure of getting the perfect gift usually starts the day of Valentine’s or the day before for most people, for a florist, Valentine’s Day plans begin in December!

Even though all it takes for you to please your Valentine and score big points is a simple call or an online order, the story is not as rosy when you consider the point of view of the florist fulfilling all these Valentine orders.

You can bet that florists are exceptionally busy during this floral holiday. Flower shops specialize in romantic gift packages and floral bouquets and for this reason they are the most popular business this time of year.

Since I have survived many Valentine’s as a flower shop owner in Timmins, Ontario, I’d like to take you behind the scenes and make you understand and appreciate the madness that is Valentine’s Day to make you appreciate what a florist must endure during this mad rush. It’s the big V-Word that no one must whisper outside of the months of January and February!

The First Steps A Florist Must Take in Getting Organized For Valentine’s Day
It all begins with the planning of specials, keeping in mind the year’s trends and available flowers. Much research goes into this step; online browsing, collection of data from previous years and guidance from Florist Trade magazines.

A florist will determine which packages might sell best by comparing data from the previous year and by evaluating the local market and the date Valentine’s falls on. Why should the day of the week matter? Well, if Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday or Friday, watch out! These are, in my experience the busiest Valentine’s of them all.

People like to combine a floral delivery with plans of a romantic weekend, therefore these days are the most popular. The hardest part of being a flower shop owner is knowing just how many flowers to order, and the problem is even more severe at Valentine’s since all this hype is just for one day.

Order too much and you are stuck with pricey flowers that might waste (although that rarely happens at Valentine’s!) but if you don’t order enough, many customers might be disappointed.

When Does A Florist Begin Making Bouquets For Valentine’s Day?
To begin the actual preparation of bouquets for Valentine’s Day, it all begins with the delivery and the processing of flowers and plants. Florists begin by prepping plants and dish gardens since these are less perishable as they are planted in soil.

Next come the preparation of hundreds of bouquets for local bouquet outlets that resell bouquets made by a florist in their in store fridge. Finally, the florist is ready to make a variety of custom combinations for delivery to individual households.

As the customers call in or place their orders online, the sales associates pass on the orders to the florist to be fulfilled. The best part of being a florist (besides working with fresh flowers year round) is to see the surprised and happy faces of the recipients of our bouquets upon delivery. Of course, the florist is usually too busy do the job of delivering at Valentine’s Day but just hearing about people’s reactions from the drivers makes it all worthwhile.

Which Bouquets Does A Florist Have To Make Over And Over At Valentine’s?
The number one choice of bouquet at Valentine’s that a florist has to reproduce again and again is a bouquet of red roses. Whether wrapped or in a vase, with or without baby’s breath, this popular choice represents love and romance and is therefore a natural choice for gift giving at Valentine’s.

The love bug also suggests chocolate, teddy bears, balloons and gift baskets. However, roses and mixed floral bouquets are a yearly favorite all over North America.

When does the Madness End?
The craziness of flying flowers, hurried deliveries and composing love notes usually ends at around 6pm on Valentine’s Day. The florist has had no time to rest, the flower shop has been packed and the sales associates are tired of repeating the same specials over and over.

Exhausted and empty of flowers, The florists, sales associates and delivery people finally rest and sigh a satisfying breath of relief. It’s over! The florists have survived and hundreds of ladies and men across Canadian and American cities are admiring their beautiful Valentine flowers delivery and showering its sender with love. Our job here is done!