Lovely Sweater For Winter11
Lovely Sweater For Winter11

38 Lovely Sweater for Winter

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If you live somewhere where the temperature drops during the winter months then you already know the importance of a good sweater.

You probably already have a good supply of sweaters but it’s almost certainly time for some of the older ones to be thrown away. Now is the time to remove the clutter and add to your sweater collection with some stylish new jumpers.

Sweaters go easily with almost any other type of clothing. Whether it’s a crew neck or v-neck sweaters it’s easy to achieve a casual look by combining with a t-shirt and jeans.

For a more formal appearance change the jeans for trousers or shirt and a button down shirt. This look is suitable for semi casual events or even for work.

Cardigan sweaters are a good alternative as the material used tends to be of lighter weight. You can find cardigans made from cashmere for the ultra luxurious feel or cotton and lightweight wool.

To stay warmer with a cardigan they are ideal for creating multiple layers with a t-shirt or shirt underneath and are light enough that a jacket can easily be worn over them.

If the weather turns a little warmer then having a few polo sweaters is always a good idea. These are again made from a lightweight material making them easy to wear beneath a jacket and you don’t need to wear a t-shirt or shirt beneath them.

Another good alternative is the v-neck sweater that can be accessorized with a casual blouse or shirt or worn on its own for that ultra sexy look.

For the ultimate in luxury go for a sweater made of cashmere. The soft luxurious feel and classic style and looks of these sweaters makes anyone stand out from the crowd.

Cashmere is such a lightweight and soft material that you can easily wear this type of sweater all year round so you don’t need to pack it away during the warmer months.