Beautiful Makeup For Valentine16
Beautiful Makeup For Valentine16

46 Beautiful Makeup for Valentine

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Valentines day is just around the corner, and I’m sure there are a lot of us who are planning to spend this special day with your loved ones.

Whether it’s going on a night out friends, clubbing with your cousins, dinner with family or a romantic date with a loved one, you should never forget to be at your best during this special day. Here are some make up ideas that you can wear for Valentine’s day.


1. Bold Colors

Newly single and in need to go bonding with friends? Or are you just the adventurous one, who would just want to discover new things? Whatever your choices are, you should also consider bold colors in your make up. Choose a unique color for your lids or a pop of color on your lips.

This make up look knows how to define the word FUN in all the right places. Try opting for red orange shades. This color will make you stand out. Try keeping your hair in a simple ponytail so that the focus will be placed solely on your face. You’ll definitely dance the night away and have lots of fun with your girlfriends.

2. Subtle Simplicity

If you want to make your look simple and not too over the top, the natural look will do the trick. Make everything soft and subtle. Use a neutral color for your eye shadow.

Keep your eyeliner as thin as possible and apply a good coat of mascara to emphasize your eye lashes. Use a rosy pink blush for your lips and choose a nude lip color. Complement the look with a sweet hairstyle that includes wavy, romantic curls.

3. Sexy Smokey Eye

A sexy smokey look will give off a mysterious seductive look that will emphasize your eyes. If you are not used to wearing black eye shadows, try using a dark brown color or even a purple one. Use a black eyeliner to emphasize your eye shape and add two coats of your favorite mascara. Keep your lips simple by opting for a nude color.

These options will be able to give you ideas on what make up look to use during this special day. Always remember to put a smile on your face so that you will be able to attract a lot of positivity around you. Whether this day is spent with your loved one or with friends or family, these make up looks will definitely make you the belle of the ball.