Stunning Wedding Dresses Styles Ideas For Winter Wonderland Weddings20
Stunning Wedding Dresses Styles Ideas For Winter Wonderland Weddings20

48 Stunning Wedding Dresses Styles Ideas For Winter Wonderland Weddings

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If you have been shopping for a winter wedding dress, you may have noticed that most designers think that everywhere it is an endless summer. It can be difficult to find a dress suited for a cold, northern wedding.

Finding a heavier fabric for a winter wedding is the first thing you should do when you are shopping. Lighter material will not do the trick if you are being married in the dead of winter. Fabrics such as satin or brocade should fit the bill when you are shopping for a winter wedding dress.

A wonderful look for the winter bride is a strapless gown with a fake fur-trimmed hooded cloak. You can throw back the hood and wear your hair in a sleek chignon topped with a sparkling tiara.

You will look like a princess if you choose this type of winter wedding gown. Another terrific look for a winter wedding is a fake fur wrap that is off the shoulders. You will need your gown to have minimal beading if you expect to pull of this look for your wedding day.

Winter weddings are the perfect time to break out the “ice” so to speak. You can wear beautiful, sparkling diamonds and look like an ice queen when it is time for you to walk down the aisle covered in expensive diamonds. You can also choose bolder colors when you wed in the winter.

Think of the gasp of surprise from your guests as you sashay down the aisle wearing a bold, red dress. This will go marvelously if your wedding is held near the Christmas holidays.

You can choose an elaborate ball gown for your winter wedding. You can choose styles such as A-lines and princess gowns to make a real statement. You can use a cathedral length veil or super long trains that will trail behind you making you seem like royalty.

You can choose gowns with bell sleeves, long sleeves or no sleeves at all. You can choose a high necked gown or a glamorous backless dress that will make you feel like a million dollars.

You can have fun perusing the many wedding books looking for just the perfect gown for your winter wonderland wedding. Sometimes looking is just much fun as shopping and when you visit the wedding shops you will have some idea of just what it is you are looking for.